Well, as the song says: ”It’s been a long time comin’ ”.  I’ve wanted to get my ideas about healthy couple relationships out for … hhhm … maybe 11 years now. I mean, I’ve been a college and university professor, a therapist — been doing that for more years than Dr.Phil.  But even though I’ve gotten my ideas out in those ways, they really don’t get out there to a whole bunch of people in general. SO HERE I GO!!  Mike White the BLOGGER.

I hope you find this stuff helpful. I hope some of the stuff can get you out of a jam some day. At the very least I hope you find it interesting or entertaining. Because I don’t want it to be dry. I’ll be peppering it with comments on every day stuff that have nothing to do with couples or relationships.  Yeah, it might get a little ranty at times — hmm, ranty. Not sure if that’s in the Oxford or the Webster. Anyway I get a little ranty at times so I hope you find it a good read.  Something to lighten or straighten out your day.

I bit about me first.  As I’m coming to understand, I’m not unique. I like many millions of earthlings, am a drummer in a church-based band (Aww Geez, not another Christian rock-star wannabe!!). Hold on, just keep reading. I said drummer. It’s more like I’m the guy who plays the drums. It’s my hobby. More about all that some other time.  Formally I’m Michael V. White Ph.D.  Some of my clients call me Dr. Mike. I let them.  “Hey McGraw (Dr.Phil for the uninitiated), you’ve got nothing on me.” They gave him grief for calling himself “Doctor” too.  More about THAT some other time.

In the past I’d thought about being a priest or a minister so I got my first Bachelor’s in theology. “Whoa, theology dude?”  “Yeah man, theology.”  “Weird… I mean, that’s cool.”

“Yeah, whatever. It was kinda cool though.”  Okay, so then I though, “Naw, let’s not do that”. “Okay what’ll I do then?” “Psychology!” “Cool.” You might be wondering right about now if all therapists talk to themselves. In my opinion, only the good ones do.

Over the years I’ve learned a few things about couples and how to make a relationship really work. I’d like it if I can be a part of what it took to make your relationship one that other people envy.  So that you’re the couple that gives hope to others that are not sure anymore if relationships can really ever work.

So that’s me.  I hope you keep coming back to have a look at what’s new on the blog.

Oh by the way, NOT ALL COUPLES FIGHT!  Really healthy couples don’t. More about that next time. Cheers.